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Non-commissioned & Commissioned Guards

Whether you’re implementing a security plan for the first time or are unhappy with your current provider, get in touch. We’ll show you how we can help.

Facility & Site Services

  • Rover Patrols
  • Issue facility-specific safety cards & credentials
  • Access Control (Check all required credentials upon entering plants/facilities/construction sites e.g., facility-specific safety cards & badges, TWIC, etc.  •  Sign in/Sign out all personnel and visitors  •  Searching/Screening incoming & outgoing traffic, packages, etc.  •  Weigh/Scale in trucks, rail cars, etc.)
  • Warehouse & Property Walkthroughs (Secure all points of entry e.g., gates, locks, doors, windows, etc.  •  Observe & Report all activity on-premises and surrounding properties)
  • Medical Facilities/Urgent Care/Emergency/Hospitals/Doctor Offices (Assist staff when needed  •  Ensure the safety of staff, patients and visitors  •  Monitor activity in and out of facility to prevent vandalism and theft  •  Prevent unauthorized entry into restricted areas)

Maritime Services

  • Escort Services (Crew member medical escorts • On signing/Off signing of vessel crew  •  Escort crew to and from U.S. Customs  •  Escort crew to and from Houston airport  •  Remain with foreign crew until they leave the U.S.  •  Report status of foreign crew to U.S. Customs)

  • Maritime/Marine Security (Control MARSEC levels  •  Our staff are trained on TWIC reader use and are already utilizing them in the field at some locations in preparation for new regulations to take effect in 2023)

We serve all of Texas with an emphasis on Southeast Texas, the Greater Houston area, Galveston and The Golden Triangle (Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange).